San Francisco Writer Has Sci-Fi On The Brain

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San Francisco veteran Science Fiction writer Nancy Kress -- whose book "Nano Comes to Clifford Falls and Other Stories" is forthcoming this year from Golden Griffin Press -- was apparently very alarmed by Improv Everywhere's recent Frozen Grand Central stunt, in which about 200 people simultaneously froze in place inside NYC's Grand Central Station for five minutes, to the amused astonishment of passersby. On her blog Kress writes that it wasn't so much the freeze itself that freaked her out, it was the fact that nobody was alarmed by it. Moreso, it was her own reaction to it, which owing to her Sci-Fi-ified brain, was suspicious, to say the least. Read on after the jump.

"This is when I realized that I must think differently from all these others. Had I seen this sudden mass freezing, the first thing that would have come to mind was a virus of some kind, possibly genetically engineered, that causes a vastly speeded-up Parkinson's-like syndrome, locking muscles in place. I would have called 911, afraid that lung muscles would be next and all these people would stop breathing. I would have wondered if it were contagious."

It's probably a good thing she didn't stumble into the San Francisco Freeze this past Saturday at the Powell and Market Cable Car Turnaround. This seems like the kind of reality-defying paranoia that makes for great science fiction. I'll definitely be checking out Kress' work. (via i09)

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