Pirates, Ron Paul Totally Stoked About the Price of Gold

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scrooge_mcduck.jpgArrrr, mateys, the price o' gold be climbin' ever higher! The Chronicle be reportin' day before this one that it be hittin' an all time high of $958.40 of your useless paper dollars! I actually had every intent of writing this entire post in pirate talk, but, arrrrr, I be findin' it difficult at this wee hour. "If you want a dismal view of the future, talk to a gold dealer," says Burton Blumert, who owned Camino Coin Company in Burlingame. In 2000, an ounce of gold was worth only $280, but the price of gold started climbing in 2001 and didn't stop. Basically, the higher the cost of gold gets, the closer the status of paper money comes to toilet paper. (click 'more')

Not surprisingly, Blumert is a close friend of libertarian presidential candidate, Ron Paul, and both think that the US would be better off using gold as a form of currency in lieu of paper money. The catch is that in order for gold to prevail, the current system has to crumble. "Many of my clients would like to be standing in the rubble of our society saying, 'I told you so,'" Blumert says. So, the bottom line is that our economy bites and if you know anyone who has invested a significant amount of money in gold, you should ask if you can share their pile of rubble after the revolution comes. If you have a sweet tooth, feel free to share my rubble pile where the gold coins are filled with delicious milk chocolate. Yarrrr. –Andy Wright

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