New York county squints at gay marriage: says “That can’t be right!”

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Last month a New York appellate court ruled that while the state may not perform gay marriages, it has to recognize them if they were performed legally somewhere else. This morning the Republican administration of Monroe County has announced they’re appealing that ruling to New York’s highest court.

According to County Executive Maggie Brooks:

“This is a clear case of misinterpretation of the law. We must appeal this decision in order to protect Monroe County taxpayers. We can not simply extend benefits to unmarried couples and we certainly can not ignore the definition of marriage that currently exists under State law.”

The case, involving a lesbian couple living in Monroe County who had a civil union in Vermont and a marriage in Ontario, Canada, came out of nowhere for one of New York’s largest counties and has received almost no response from the general public, in Monroe County or the nation – even though it puts New York near the forefront of the gay rights movement.

No trial date’s been set, but the lack of a backlash (so far) and a generally liberal judiciary in NYS means this just might hold. - Benjamin Wachs

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