MRSA-Killing Fogger Invented by Brits: Bloody Good Job

Staph.jpgIn between tea time and perfecting looks of vague disapproval, the British announced yesterday a machine that could help knock out SF's killer staph infection, MRSA. Tri-Air Developments Ltd. claims its air purifier "can eradicate the MRSA ‘superbug’ and other bacteria and viruses on surfaces in just one hour by purifying the air within any enclosed living area" including hospitals. According to a press release issued yesterday, the device doesn't just purify the air that filters through the machine, it triggers a molecular chain reaction that decontaminates the environment of germs, essentially "scrubbing" it clean.
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"The unit creates an Open Air Factor [a fogger] rich in hydroxyl radicals, to destroy microbes including flu and cold viruses and bacteria, both in the air and on surface contact. Hydroxyl radicals are found naturally in abundance in outdoor fresh air, with high concentrations in forested mountain areas, and are completely harmless to people." The decontamination process occurs both within and outside the machine, to create a continual supply of hydroxyl radicals dispersed throughout a room, making it effective even without processing all of the air through the unit.

In laboratory tests, the purifier destroyed samples of MRSA bacteria within an hour. The "purification process is 100 times more effective than any current method of decontamination and can maintain air purity for as long as the unit is operational". Now, if only they could make a Roomba that sucks MRSA out of artificial turf-Andy Wright

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