Marin Sewer Pipes Serve SF Bay a Shit Sunday with Dead Birds on Top

Categories: Environment

sewage.JPGPerhaps one of the last things you want to know is that your local sewage system has ""significantly deteriorating sewage pipes." The second thing you don't want to hear is that as a result of these deteriorating pipes, five million gallons of raw and partially treated sewage have poured into your local body of water. And finally, you don't want to hear that this mishap was not reported for 11 hours the first time it happened and 20 hours the second time it happened. The Chronicle reports today that this is exactly what happened when heavy rains on Jan 25 and 31 overwhelmed Marin County's sewage plant, an agency that was warned and fined last year for not having enough capacity. And in case you thought the worst was over, you were wrong. The Environmental Protection Agency warns that the existence of the worn, cracked pipes increases the likelihood this will happen again. The disgusting cherry on top of the gross Sunday? Dead birds. Numerous corpses were found near a sanctuary in Tiburon, most likely due to the contaminated water. — Andy Wright

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