Man Convicted of Killing Fetus, Fetus Holder

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fetus.jpgThe Chronicle reported Saturday on the case of former Ohio police officer Bobby Cutts Jr. who was convicted of killing his pregnant wife, Jessie Davis, and her fetus. Cutts claims that he killed Davis when he "accidentally put his elbow to her throat when she was trying to prevent him from leaving her house." He then, totally on purpose, wrapped her body up in a comforter and chucked it in a park. While we won't get into the dubious politics of labeling a fetus a full-blown human that can be murdered, we will get into the dubious politics of the ruling the jury returned. Behold the paragraph that made us go "jigga-whaaaaa?":

"Cutts, 30, was convicted of aggravated murder in the death of the nearly full-term female fetus, which carries the possible death penalty. The jury found him not guilty of aggravated murder in Davis' death, a count that includes intent to kill with prior calculation. But they convicted him of a lesser charge of murder in her death."
Yep, that's right. The dude got a tougher ruling on the death of the fetus than the woman. One surmises that this is because prosecutors claimed Cutts' intent when assaulting Davis was to destroy the fetus, thus negating his child support responsibility and making the death of his girlfriend an unfortunate side effect. Apparently the death of a full-term fetus carries a higher price tag then the death of a full-term woman. -Andy Wright
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