Local NAACP Head Accuses Berkeley Cops of Wanting to "Kill Every African-American That They Can."

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gun_bullet.jpgThe head of the Berkeley NAACP has drawn criticism for a statement he issued over the shooting of 51-year-old grandmother Anita Gay. The Berkeley resident was shot and killed on February 16th when police were called to her apartment, where they found her brandishing a knife. The officer says he shot the woman to protect both himself and another individual and the police department concurs. The family is crying foul and intends to sue, saying that Gray was not holding the knife when she was shot in the back. Two days later, Allen Jackson, president of the Berkeley branch of the NAACP, issued a statement that seemed a tad brash. (click 'more')

"Berkeley branch is appalled by this senseless act of murder perpetrated against this African-American female," Jackson wrote, going on to say that it is "apparent that the only thing in the mind of a Berkeley police officer is to kill any African-American that they can." The last time Berkeley police officers shot and killed someone was in 2003. The Berkeley branch issued a statement about Jackson's statement saying it was unauthorized. They are currently deciding if Jackson will be asked to step down from his post. –Andy Wright

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