Is Payback a Bitch? How Angry is Gavin at Obama's 'Snub'?

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Mayor Gavin Christopher Newsom could be mistaken for many things, but not an aggressive homeless man. And yet, Chronicle columnist C.W. Nevius penned a piece on the mayor this morning.

In it, Nevius quotes numerous sources — including Hizzoner Willie Brown — who claim Barack Obama went out of his way to not have his picture taken with Newsom after the mayor was still considered radioactive in Red States following his gay marriage extravaganza in 2004.

Is Newsom really still that pissed about this snub? Randy Shaw at has a different take:

And as for the assertion in today's San Francisco Chronicle that Newsom rebuffed Obama because the latter refused to be photographed with him due to the mayor's support for gay marriage, recall that it was Dianne Feinstein, with whom Newsom remains close, who essentially blamed Newsom's approval of gay marriages for John Kerry's defeat.

Whatever the reason Newsom declared for Hillary Clinton, it remains to be seen how much weight his endorsement will carry. As popular as Newsom is, his coat-tails have proven to be remarkably short.

Put it this way: If he couldn't deliver District 4 for Doug Chan (over Ed Jew — ED JEW!), can he deliver San Francisco for Hillary?

— Joe Eskenazi

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