Ingleside Police Department Has a Posse

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The Ingleside Police Station Newsletter contained this interesting piece of information yesterday:

0:11 pm Arleta and San Bruno Avenues
Officer Gibbs conducted a surveillance for a known robbery suspect (occurred 2/25). He saw the man and asked for assistance. Sergeant Heidohrn and posse arrested the man nearby. The perpetrator, a 34 year old San Francisco man, was charged with robbery, vehicle tampering (another case), and violation of parole.
A posse? First off, how does one go about rounding up a posse? Was there a group of rascally, but ultimately noble, ne'er-do-wells whittling and spitting in the dirt outside the nearby saloon? How many people consitute a posse? Can women be in a posse? How does one politely decline a police officer's offer to join a posse without looking like a total wuss? How often does the SFPD employ posses in the apprehension of criminals? And, most importantly, how do I get into a posse? -Andy Wright

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