Breaking: Many Muni Drivers Terrible At Driving, Being Nice

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After spending "thousands of dollars" fighting with Muni for access to bus surveillance video ABC7's resident muckraker Dan Noyes has uncovered what anyone who's ever ridden a Muni bus already knows in their heart of hearts: a lot of Muni drivers suck at driving. But just how terrible are they?

"Statistics from the Federal Transit Association show that Muni had more than twice the rate of motor bus injury accidents in 2006 compared to agencies of similar size in Denver, Portland and Orange County, and more than three times that of Dallas."

These statistics come only a few days after Noyes reported on the charming Muni driver named Anthony Jones who greeted a wheelchair-bound rider thusly: "I don't know what the heck they let you guys on here for anyhow." Check out all the hard-won video clips here.

-- Brian Bernbaum

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