Growing a Greener, More Hydro SF

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cities-gallery-sf-005.jpgWhat will San Francisco look like in one hundred years? According to local architecture firm, Iwamoscott, it will be a "symbiotic and multi-scalar"city that works in conjunction with the surrounding environment, drawing water from geothermal sources beneath the city and creating hydrogen fuel from algae. Most importantly, there will be hover cars. And while those of us who wore out the tape on their VHS copies of Back to the Future know better then to hold our breath for things that hover, it seems vaguely possible that green leaning, tech-savy SF denizens will be living in "sinuous housing towers" and "opportunistic urban caves." The hypothetical city is called SF HYDRO-NET and took first place in a competition sponsored by the History Channel in which regional designers in three cities were asked to imagine what their hometown would look like in 100 years. (Click 'More' to continue reading Growing a Greener, More Hydro SF)

Iwamoscott competed against nine other architecture companies who all had one week to design their vision and then three hours to install it in the Ferry Building. Iwamoto will be up against design firms from Atlanta and Washington D.C. where the final winner will be decided via online voting Feb. 4th. To vote for the guys who have included nano-robots in our future, go here.

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