Florida Says Evolution Happened: by One Vote

Three of these people are still on the Florida school board

by Benjamin Wachs

Yesterday the Florida school board voted 4-3 to acknowledge what everybody already knows.

Man is descended from monkeys who didn't know any better. All right? Everybody clear on that?

Well, not “everybody” — instead of labeling it the “theory of evolution,” the school board compromised and called it the “scientific theory of evolution.” Because that just … you know … um …

Wait, what?

“Department of Education officials floated the last-minute revision Friday in the face of mounting opposition from religious conservatives who said the proposed standards were too dogmatic in their treatment of evolution,”
said the St. Petersburg Times.

Ohhhhhh … I get it. The “scientific theory of evolution” means there’s wiggle room – if you don’t believe in science.

Which is still SO up in the air. Now go learn, you crazy kids!

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