Dominatrix Blew Whistle on Bernie Ward

Categories: Crime

whip.jpgBernie Ward got spanked by a dominatrix, and not in a sexy way. Ward made a big mistake when he decided to send pictures of child pornography to a dom who frequents chat rooms under the name Sexfairy 2005, says the Chronicle today.The former KGO-AM radio talk show host told the dom that he was a divorced priest from Manteca who liked "trading pictures." He then promptly sent the woman several photos depicting minors, ages 4-17, in sexual settings. Sexfairy alerted the Oakland police to Ward's icky proclivities and they subsequently contacted the FBI. A grand jury slapped Ward with two counts of possessing and distributing child pornography using the Internet. Ward used the "I'm writing a book" excuse, claiming that he was role playing for a tome about hypocrisy. Well, then, there's a special place in hell for intrepid book researches. Hats off to Sexfairy, wherever she is. May she continue putting a sex positive, sunny face on kink as opposed to a pasty, sinister one. –Andy Wright

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