Daly City Man Accused of Stealing $10,000 Worth of Le Corona

Categories: Crime

Barney.jpgThe Examiner reported yesterday on a heist that belongs on the List Of Crimes That Would Not Result In Jail Time If They Took Place in a John Belushi Movie. Police allege that Daly City man Carlos Passalaqua Demartini climbed into a truck at the Port of Oakland and drove off with about $10,000 worth of Corona. It wasn't just any Corona, though; it sported French labels and was destined to be swilled by the passengers of a cruise ship bound for Canada. The beer ended up in what may be the exact opposite of a cruise ship setting, San Francisco's Tenderloin district. A local merchant fingered Demartini and a subsequent investigation of his car and home turned up goods from six separate cargo thefts from the last few months. His bail is set at six trucks full of beer, or $60,000. –Andy Wright

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