Chain Store Ban Proposed for Mission, Bernal

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Ron_English.jpgThe SF Examiner reported yesterday on Supervisor Tom Ammiano's proposed ban on chain stores in the Mission and Bernal Heights neighborhoods of San Francisco. The ban defines chain stores as businesses with 11 or more locations nationwide. Ammiano introduced the bill because without it, he fears the Mission could "become another strip mall." Planning commissioners are crying fowl, as are business advocacy groups like the Mission Merchants Association, who claim that the ban will "result in empty storefronts for years." Planning Commission President Dwight Alexander offered this illuminating argument in favor of the current controls: they work "just fine." (click 'more')

In an attempt to appease naysayers, Ammiano amended the proposal to allow chain stores to move into storefronts that had already had chain stores occupying them. Similar bans were passed in Hayes Valley in 2004 and in North Beach in 2005. The North Beach ban recently made headlines when Survivor winner Yul Kwon got burned on a yogurt shop deal. My question is how this will affect the opening of the Valencia Street American Apparel. You don't need Dov Charney's special brand of advertising to see a scantily clad twentysomething in the Mission. — Andy Wright

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