Bernie Ward Child Porn Bust: The Police Report

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Once again, ABC7's in house troublemaker Dan Noyes is stirring up the muck, but this time it's not terrible Muni drivers he's messing with: this time it's personal, as in deep, down online sex chat personal.

You'll recall back in December popular KGO talk-radio host and former Catholic priest Bernie Ward was arrested on federal child porn charges. Well, Noyes' I-Team has gotten a hold of the police report revealing exactly how and why the bust went down, in all its disturbingly freaky detail. Apparently the whole story began with Ward's online chat with a woman going by the name of "Sexfairy," three years ago. Below are some of the more prurient bits from Noyes' report, which pretty much obliterates Ward's claim that this was all part of research for a book:

"He begins the chat with "Good afternoon, mistress." The woman using the name "Sexfairy" answers, "How was your day, slave?" In explicit detail, Ward describes being humiliated sexually. At one point, he asks, "Are you going to make me feel dirty, mistress?" "Sexfairy" answers, "Yes, I am."

Ward discusses group sex he had at an infamous porn theater in San Mateo ...

Ward sends several pictures -- one of a woman and two children. Ward describes her as a mother in her late thirties, she's topless. He says the naked boy is 14, that the girl wearing clothes is 12. They're all touching in a sexual way.

An investigator writes, "several of the photographs depicted children engaged in or simulating sexual acts with adults or other children." The ages of the children in the pictures -- four to 17 years old."

Noyes goes into a bit of background about how he obtained this police report on the I-Team blog, where he also talks briefly about his association with Ward:

"... this is a man I know. I’ve appeared on Ward’s program to discuss other I-Team investigations. Now, I was investigating him."

-- Brian Bernbaum

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