Berkeley to Marine Recruiters: Oops.

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marines.jpg Only a day ago, Charles Wollenberg, chair of social sciences at Berkeley City College had declared that a showdown between Marine recruiters and protesters was "an indication that the '60s are not completely dead." The face off was sparked by a Jan. 29th resolution passed by the Berkeley City Council declaring that the Marine Recruiters located only a block from the UC Berkeley campus, were "unwanted intruders" and should leave the city. The resolution, not unsurprisingly, sparked a conservative backlash the likes of which would strike terror into the heart of any liberal city council member. Today the Chronicle reports the council has now changed it's position to "we're sorry, but not officially sorry." Much of the country seemed to agree with one of the many commentors on the Chronicle's website, one of whom wrote succintly " Maybe the US military should bomb berkeley or at least the city council for treason in war times." -Andy Wright

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