BART Vows to Make Your Commute More Annoying this Valentine's Day

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ABC news reports that when exiting the Montgomery BART station today you may be accosted by Trish McDermott. McDermott works for San Mateo based, an online dating service, and, depending on what article you read is either "Vice President of Love" or the "Vice President of Romance." Either way, we would like to see what the application process is like for obtaining said position. McDermott and other representatives of the online dating service will be pressing roses on BART patrons and offering last minute love advice in a Valentine's Day marketing ploy cloying named “The Love Train.” To make matters worse, all of this corporately sponsored Valentines Day shilling will be accompanied by "a performance by an acoustic guitar player, who will play love songs." While we cannot claim to be the vice president of anything romantic or otherwise, we would like to supply McDermott with sample love tips, free of charge: (Click 'More', to continue reading BART)

1. Shower.

2. Stop taking upskirt photos of girls lucky enough to get a seat.

3. Stop rubbing up against people.

4. START wearing deodorant of the none crystal variety.

5. Never, ever serenade strangers with your acoustic renditions of Phil Collins songs.

Happy VD Day, everyone! -Andy Wright

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