A Petition: Cry for Justice: The Murder of Hugues de la Plaza

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“It has become apparent that it is easy to commit murder in San Francisco and get away with it.”
--Melissa Nix (ex-girlfriend of Hugues de la Plaza, a 36-year-old sound engineer found stabbed to death in his home on June 2, 2007) told the San Francisco Police Commission at its February 13 meeting.
Signatures are flooding in from around the world. Some belong to Hugues de la Plaza’s friends in San Francisco or his native France, others are from people as far away as British Columbia and Buenos Aires. Regardless of location, each of the more than 430 people who already signed the Cry for Justice: The Murder of Hugues de la Plaza petition—which began circulating just 10 days ago— have expressed concern and outrage at the San Francisco Police Department’s investigation into de la Plaza’s death.

“We demand a review of the murder investigation and an account for the appalling manner in which it has been handled,” the petition reads. “We hold you accountable.”

The petition--which will be filed with city officials including Mayor Gavin Newsom and District Attorney Kamala Harris--also details a slew of their concerns about the more than eight-month old case, such as:

*Lack of a crime scene report
*Homicide has not replied to Hugues’ parents for nearly a month
*The autopsy report, released about eight months after the murder, contains a police narrative with serious errors, including a misrepresentation of Hugues’ mental state.
*The more than 250 homicides yet to be solved in San Francisco

Meanwhile, Nix plans to file a complaint with the Office of Citizen Complaints—and investigators from France may be brought to San Francisco to help with the case.

For more information on Hugues de la Plaza’s autopsy report, which found his manner of death to be “undetermined,” check out this blog post by G.W. Schulz.
--Mary Spicuzza

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