Marijuana Vending Machines: Locked and Loaded in L.A.


How the hell L.A. ended up with marijuana vending machines before San Francisco, I'll never understand, and yet here they are: Starting Monday, any patient with a doc's approval, fingerprints on file, and a profile-ready prepaid credit card can hit up two Anytime Vending Machines (AVMs) for some sweet vacuum-sealed kind bud. I mean "medicine." The AVMs offer a choice of five strains in two dosages -- 3.5 or 7 grams -- and approved customers can prescribe themselves up to an ounce a week. And while it sounds a little impersonal to buy weed from an ATM, at least this way you don't get caught up listening to your dealer talk about his goddamn ferret.

The Herbal Nutrition Center is one of the dispensaries hosting an AVM, and they're the subject of this gratuitous weed-porn video coverage, compliments of CBS News' Jennifer Sabih: "It won't be long before all Californians will be able to buy cannabis the same way they can a -- can of soda!" Awkward!

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-- Brian Bernbaum

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