Macworld 2008 Preview - SF Weekly Infiltrates Exhibit Hall


Welcome, nerds. You've stumbled upon SF Weekly's happily philistine Macworld coverage.

Words and photos by Tyler Callister

The Macworld Expo, Apple's annual celebration of new gadgets and software, kicked off today at the Moscone Center. Nerds buzzed around the lavish convention center, picking up official badges and setting up booths, all in preparation for the opening of the exhibit hall to the public tomorrow.

We weren't sure if we were allowed to be in the exhibit hall, but we went in anyway, and the first thing we found was this um... nap time thing:


A quick Google search reveals that you're supposed to get inside those little pods and take a power nap. Is this how all nerds sleep? SF Weekly could not confirm whether these things have the ability to brainwash you while you sleep in them, but this could be a creepy new take on the "iPod."

Meanwhile, outside the convention center, rich Silicon Valleyers walked by homeless people sleeping on benches:

No fancy napping pod for this guy.

Anyways, at last years Macworld Expo, Steve Jobs proved that his nerd cock is the biggest when he unleashed the iPhone. This year, there's tons of predictions as to what he'll announce, and the most interesting (although unlikely) theory is that he'll announce a new Apple record label in collaboration with Jay-Z.

Whatever happens, SF Weekly will be there. So stick around all week for:

-Steve Jobs' keynote announcements.

-Special music coverage at Macworld.

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