Macworld 2008 Ambles on, Frank Chu Protests


Frank Chu, the Bay Area's legendary sign holder, brought his epic protest to the steps of Apple's Macworld computer conference yesterday. SF Weekly was on the scene.

Story and photographs by Tyler Callister

Frank Chu's "protest," which is perhaps more accurately described as performance art, has been an integral part of San Francisco since at least 1995. He lives in Oakland and commutes to San Francisco almost everyday to stand in public places with his sign, and his performance inspired the name of the local club 12 Galaxies.

His protest sign, which changes frequently, yesterday read:


A few passersby were seen talking with Chu, but most of the nerds and Silicon Valleyers at Macworld probably don't really get Chu. I'm not sure I do either, but if we take his epic performance for what it is, he's one of the best artists in San Francisco.

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