Macworld Coverage 2008: Randy Newman Sings, Steve Jobs Talks, Media Scrambles, and Nerdfest Rolls On


On Tuesday, Grammy Award-winning legend Randy Newman played two great songs at the Macworld keynote presentation, including a well received political song that criticizes the current administration.

And oh yeah, some guy named Steve Jobs announced some products or something.

Photos and words by Tyler Callister

So The Macworld Expo, Apple's annual celebration of new gadgets and software, rolls on through the week. On Tuesday, some media members literally ran into the auditorium when the doors opened for Apple CEO Steve Jobs' keynote speech. After his speech came the Macworld highlight so far -- Randy Newman came on stage and sang an unexpectedly political song for such a big corporate event. In the song, Newman said our current leaders "are the worst we've had."

Conspicuous attendees at the keynote speech included a cameraman from Fox Sports (shouldn't they be at like, a football game or something?) and Mayor Gavin Newsom (shouldn't he be like, running the city or something?)

Just in case you aren't the mayor and didn't get to see Jobs' keynote speech yesterday, here's basically what it looked like:

That tiny little dude is Steve Jobs.

The audience went crazy when Jobs made his big announcement: the MacBook Air! It's a, um, really thin MacBook! Unfortunately, just like the Nike Air Jordans, it does not make you run faster or jump higher.

If the iPhones were actually this big, I would definitely pay 400 bucks for one.

Other stuff at the keynote:

--During the demo of his new Apple TV product, Jobs played a Linkin Park video (wtf Jobs? I saw some Radiohead in there you could have played. I thought you were cool.)

--As for the MacBook Air, I'm not really sure what it does and I don't care. But Apple did make it with an environmental conscience -- the case is made of fully recyclable aluminum, the display is mercury free, and the glass is arsenic free. So if the computer is a piece of crap, don't feel guilty about tossing it.

--When Jobs walked off stage, the media continued to go ape shit:


By the way, come back Friday for a special on music at Macworld.

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