How to Scam the Scammer: Make a Nigerian Con Man Do Anything You Want

According to all these damn e-mails I've been getting, Nigerian Princes are a dime a dozen and are all needy bastards that need help with their money-related problems. Honestly, I can't believe that people still fall for this scam, but I've met a few scam baiters, bored people that lure these e-mailers out of their dens, in the city and have heard stories of how they make these scammers do some stupid ridiculous shit, such as getting them to tattoo their body, dress up like Santa Claus, or rewriting a Harry Potter book by hand. If you got a lot of time on your own hands and feel like getting some revenge on behalf of your stupid American, visit and get some tips on how to puppeteer your own Nigerian conman. —James Y Lee

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