Hold Those Coupons For a Month and Shop for Groceries Smarter

I don't drink or grocery shop on an empty stomach because it always gets me in trouble. Whenever I hit Safeway while hungry, I come back home with random shit that I would never eat or cook and open my plastic bags to reveal a stupid amount of cake mix. However, here's a smarter way to hitting the grocery store: It's called the One Month Coupon Strategy. Most people don't bother with coupons, but next time you go, grab a pile of 'em and bring it home. Wait four weeks and clip out the coupons that interest you and head back to the store. You'll notice that most of the coupons apply to the food items that are already on sale. Why? Because "Coupons in the newspaper are usually the first wave of a product push from large companies. They’ll put out coupons to start bumping up the sales, then they’ll move onto sale prices later on in the promotion." Work the system and save yourself some moolah. — James Y Lee

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