Drug Moses To Governator - Let My 22,000 People Go

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One out of sixty adult males is in jail in this country. That sucks ass. Now Arnie wants to kill two John Connors with one Termination by letting free 22,000 lower-risk inmates with 20 months or less left and save a bundle on California's budget. Guess who's pissed? Everyone.

"It's a betrayal," Spitzer said. "AB 900 promised us no early releases, and that's why Republicans voted overwhelmingly for it. Now, some people will be doing less time if they're sentenced to prison than if they're sentenced to county jail."

And on the other side:

Assembly Speaker Fabian Núñez of Los Angeles said raising taxes should at least be part of the discussion "when you're talking about making the types of cuts that … in the end is going to put our public in danger."

You know what, fuck everyone. It's not like our ex-cons won't go back in for the same damned thing in a few years. Go, Arnie. Give them a break. -- VVM Staff

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