Bush to California: screw you and your ocean

If this sea otter lived in Texas, the navy couldn't touch him

by Benjamin Wachs

In a little noticed directive yesterday, the Commander in Chief took his presidential prerogative to screw California any way he can to its next logical step and exempted the Navy from environmental regulations that would have prevented them from conducting exercises off the California coast.

A U.S. District Court of Appeals had previously ruled that such exercises were forbidden because the navy sonar can hurt or even kill sea mammals.

Bush’s take: national security is worth the lives of a few marine mammals.

Environmentalists take: #@!@#!@%$@#$~!!! you, Bush! You never won that election anyway.

San Franciscans’ take: oh, that’s the SOUTHERN California coast … any sea mammals off the coasts of L.A. have it coming.

Statement from our Republican governor’s office: that happened? Really? Huh.

Amended statement, 4 hours later: “The U.S. district court has ruled that many protective restrictions must be followed during navel training operations. The Governor believes the federal government and navy should comply with the courts orders in all instances until we can know conclusively of the impact of sonar on marine life. The protection of our ocean, marine life, and habitat is one of the governor’s highest priorities.”

I'm sure it is: I'm sure protecting marine life is just all over that new budget of his. Big priority.

But at least his heart's in the right place.

Next on Bush’s agenda: giving tax breaks to people who start wildfires.

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