BetterKnowanSFBlog: The Greatest Hits

In case you haven't noticed, every Tuesday we profile one of the Bay's rockin' blogs in a segment we call BetterKnowanSFBlog. If you don't know what a blog is, you're obviously spending too much time on that antiquated machine you call a TV.

So these are some of the most popular articles in the BetterKnowanSFBlog series, in no particular order because we don't believe in hierarchies ... or something like that.

If, by the end of this tumble through the blogosphere, you feel inspired to join this here SF Weekly blog community, get your own SF Weekly screen name which you can use to leave comments on our articles, build up a reputation on, and get to know other commenters.

On Music:


San Francisco Blog Hosting a Show at SXSW

As commenter lahipster put it, "why you have all your friends play sxsw that are loser bands."

Um, we're not losers, you're a loser, loser face!

Local Music Blog Uncovers Thriving SF Music Scene

As one commenter named absolutely put it, "San Francisco is turning into the 'next Seattle' we've been waiting for impatiently for the last 15 years.

On International Issues:


WordPress Stands for Open Source, Morals, Democracy

If you live in China, you probably can't access this article.

That’s because the Chinese government censors its citizens' Internet access, keeping tight watch over controversial words and phrases like “democracy,” “freedom of speech,” and “Tiananmen Square,” as well as blocking access to many popular web sites...

Bloggers Speak Out on "Emergency Rule"

SF-based Metroblogging has set up blogs across the world. Three of those happen to be in Pakistan, right in the middle of political upheaval.

Russian Company Buys LiveJournal

We talk to Six Apart CEO Chris Alden about the future of San Francisco-based blog pioneer LiveJournal.

From Geek Land:


Laughing Squid

We talk with the guy behind that famous squid sticker.


This San Francisco-born blog gets 7.5 million readers a day. 'Nuff said.

And finally, an article that we've given an honorary place on BetterKnowanSFBlog, is Joe Eskenazi's "Journalist and Bloggers: 'Let's Not Throw Grenades at Each Other.'"

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