Americans Spend Anticipated $800 Bush Rebate on Flat-Screen TVs, iPhones Over Weekend

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This just in from the Associated Press: President George W. Bush's proposed $800 taxpayer rebate has already been spent by most consumers over the weekend on flat-screen TVs and expensive new cell phones.

The AP talked to people like 38-year-old San Francisco consumer Booker T. Mulgrew, who exited Best Buy with a 42-inch Panasonic plasma screen TV Sunday saying, "It just makes sense."

"Bush's economic stimulus rebate should show up in a year, and I just got a 0 percent interest loan from Best Buy on this TV for the next 18 months," he went on. "I also picked up some HDMI cables. I'm just trying to do my part for America."

Polls indicate Americans are spending their anticipated rebate racking up credit debt not only on TVs and cell phones, but also liposuction and major dentistry. Shares of Best Buy, Apple, are up 3 percent on NASDAQ today. — Skeet Muldoon

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