ABC7 Makes The Times: Raw Matthews-On-Clinton Action

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It's too bad ABC7 News' flashy new website is so confusing or else I might be able to find the video that's snagging the local station some serious mileage in the campaign story du jour: Political reporter Mark Matthews' "verbal sparring" on Wednesday with Bill Clinton, a heated exchange of Dan Noyes-like proportions. Alas, you'll have to watch it on YouTube.

The New York Times described the exchange thusly:

"Mr. Clinton on Wednesday ripped into a television reporter who had asked him about a Nevada lawsuit concerning participation in the state's caucuses this Saturday ... the former president ... narrowed his eyes ... Mr. Clinton's voice took on an edge."

Ah yes -- finally found it -- here's the video: RAW Matthews-On-Clinton action. Get it while it's news. Matthews also blogs about the encounter here.

And just for fun, check out the aforementioned Noye's greatest hit: pissing off Mayor Gavin Newsom.

-- Brian Bernbaum

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