UAVs Over Sacto — Police Drones the Next Big Thing?

Categories: Crime

(photo courtesy Technovelgy)
The SacBee has an awesome story about unmanned areal drones flying over crime scenes in our lovely Capitol. We'd like to order two, please. One for the Bayview and one for Hunter's Point. From the Bee:

The Police Department is in the process of applying for a certificate of authority from the FAA and is hoping its aircraft will be operational by next summer....At first, police plan to use the aircraft only at crime scenes, where it would fly tight patterns within view of officers on the ground. Eventually, officials hope the drone will take off from and land at the department's communications center near Tahoe Park and be used to find missing children, monitor levees during heavy rains and detect prowlers. ...The FAA said it has seen an increase in the number of law enforcement agencies across the country interested in using unmanned drones, but so far only police departments in Houston and Miami have begun testing the technology.

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