SF Weekly Proudly Announces Ashley Harrell, Newest Member of the SF Weekly Action Force 5 (ish)

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ashley%20harrell.jpgSF Weekly has had an open staff writer position for so long, we have Stockholm Syndrome today as we announce the full-time hiring of 26-year-old NYU Journalism Master Ashley Harrell (left, ain't she cute?), from our New Times Broward-Palm Beach paper.

But seriously, what are we going to do without that staff writer ad in the letters section every week? Who'll take care of us?!

Some excerpts from Harrell's cover letter:

(Ashley's been with BPB for a year and half now, and was "the fellow" for the first six months.)

"I've greatly enjoyed writing light features about things like debauched party cruises and male-to-female-to-males with some serious identity issues, but the stories I am most proud of (and would like to do more of) have been investigative."

"Last year, I found a curious news brief in the Sun-Sentinel about a scuba instructor's death involving a "rebreather." A bit of research led me to conclude that rebreathers - equipment that recycle oxygen from exhaled breath - are controversial, potentially dangerous, and growing in commercial popularity. Through FOIA requests and tireless reporting, I was able to piece together what happened to the dead scuba instructor, who friends claimed was safe and careful (documents suggested otherwise). The story I wrote won 3rd place in the features category of the 2006 AAN awards."

"I'm pretty much a generalist and I enjoy tackling unfamiliar subjects, but there are a few areas I'm partial to. I'm very interested in sex and gender issues, health and science (mental health included), the outdoors, sports, agriculture, green business, the extremely passionate, and the truly bizarre."

Her San Francisco credentials include living on a ranch in West Marin for six months and working at the Point Reyes Light.

"I adored Northern California."

Also, cyberstalking reveals Ashley's myspace movies are:
wet hot american summer, zoolander, american psycho, kill bill, spirited away, happiness, triplets of belleville

So, um, yeah, Ashley — we don't know how to say this, but — you complete us.

Ashley Harrell starts February 1, everyone.

Hazing will include one week of not having a desk, email, computer, phone, as well as cold, hard stares, thawing slightly over time. —David Downs

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