S.F. Named Healthiest City for Women. Screw You, Nassau-Suffolk Counties!


Give yourself a pat on the back, San Francisco. You've been named the healthiest city in the country for women by SELF magazine! Citing the smoking ban, upcoming universal health care, our infamously lax office culture and, strangely, the recent plastic bag ban, SELF crowns San Francisco number one, followed by Nassau-Suffolk counties in New York and San Jose. San Francisco also boasts a top score for dental health, more ob-gyns per capita then anywhere else on the list, and maybe the best part of all: one of the highest drinking rates.

Here are some other fun SELF statistics that will make you feel better about living in San Francisco.

Top Three Unhealthiest Cities For Women:

1. Gary, IN
2. Detroit, MI
3. Cincinnati, OH

Unhappiest City: Los Angeles-Long Beach, CA
Worst Drivers: Billings, MT
Most STDs: Detroit, MI
Biggest Salad Lovers: Fort Lauderdale, FL

-- Brian Bernbaum

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