Republican Democracy-Rapers Steal Another Vote -- Give Me Back My $33!

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So, evidently there's this losing Republican candidate named Ron Paul and yesterday his peeps just royally fucked up the SF Republican "Hot or Not" party, a.k.a. Straw Poll.

So many Ron Paulers showed up to place SF's Republican vote behind the hokey, likable Obstetrician that the SF Repubs just canceled it rather that let the Paulers have it.

What is this, Miami-Dade County, Florida?!

Here's the video from the moment after the demonic, Republican baby-raping shitwhores killed yet another vote:

I love the part where the guy yells, "Give me back my $33 dollars," like he's the paperboy in Better Off Dead.


Excerpt from the YouTube note:

The complaints only started after the poll was canceled. I paid my $33 for the dinner and vote. A $5 option was also offered to vote after the festivities. We patiently listened to the guest speaker support Fred Thompson and talk on the issues of water and budget problems in California. They then held a raffle, while all the "cheap" voters waited in the lobby. When they finally let them in, the room was flooded with Ron Paul supporters and the organizer notified us the poll was cancelled. I started the video after the initial announcement and pandemonium broke out. The sudden cancellation and an attempt to change the rules, understandably, upset quite a few people.

More from Wonkette, and Reason, and the Daily Paul.

You know, we at the Snitch are really starting to take a shine to Ron Paul, if only for his plans to buy a blimp. (link to WSJ no workey if you are poor) —David Downs

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