RaidersSuckNinersSuck — Week 14 —"Get in there, Hill!"

By the GPC
Raiders LOSE to Green Bay Packers.
All you fan boys from last week got your medicine. It was like watching four-year-olds trying to play flag football and then wetting themselves and dropping the ball.

Passing was terrible, running was bad, hell even punting was bad. Shane Lechler had the first punt of his career run back for a touchdown. Why did we not see Jamillions? The Raiders put in Frikkinn Walter. Does not compute! This guy’s contract is based on taking a certain number of snaps and he isn’t taking any.

Not like last week was any great show but goddamn. Let the kid do his job!

Raiders Suckages
1. Defense – Even an injured Brett Favre killed it.
2. Punting – First returned kick for a touchdown.

Niners LOSE to Minnesota Vikings
Well, on the bright side, all expectations have been unanimously crushed. This is going down in the record books as one of the all-time worst teams with nothing going for them in any way. Wait, who is playing quarterback? Fucking Shaun Hill! Little baby Jesus H Christ and throw in some holy family to boot. This is bad. I didn’t believe that the quarterback situation could be any worse, but it is worse.

I could recount some statistics and tell you how the game got completely out of hand but something tells me that no matter how I blab on there is nothing else to be said other than this. We took out their touchdown machine Adrian Peterson, but even the lame part of Minnesota’s wrecked us. I turned off the game. I couldn’t watch.

Niners Suckages

1. QB – “Get in there, Hill!”
2. Offensive Line - (There is a reason why Dilfer has a concussion!)

And the Suck Trophy goes to:
This one is actually kind of tough this week. My general feeling is that the 49ers are so terrible and can’t even get out of their own way that I want to hand it to them, but on the other side — did you see the score in the Raiders game! Jesus. This week every team loses. Equal suck rights for all you super chumps!

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