RaidersSuckNinersSuck -- Week 13 -- Jamillions Stirs

Raiders Beat Broncos, So What!
Oh, Lord, why did you only let Jamillions take about ten snaps?

You answered my prayers and then squashed them like a tiny ant. I can honestly say through my nice tall glass of Haterade that it was awesome to see Jamillions take a snap or two. Not that I think the Raiders are some great team now. We have a losing record against winning teams so you do the math. At least the god of pigskin was kind enough to send a little Jamillions our way.

So I can’t say the Raiders totally sucked. McCown threw

3 TD passes and Fargas ran for a bunch of yards and a touchdown. Defense looked OK with a couple of interceptions and a forced fumble so, OK, fine. This week, I put down the cup of hate that runneth over and hand out a mediocrity trophy. I mean, the Broncos aren’t a great team, so wait for the losing to restart next week

Raiders Suckages

1.Defense – Still lacking.

Niners lose to Carolina Panthers
Holy crap, we are terrible. Did anyone in the locker room think of perhaps double covering Steve Smith? That might've been a good idea. Actually, scratch that. It wouldn’t have mattered, because Dilfer threw so many picks. Truly, we look abysmal. Carolina is middling, but the Niners still got tore up.

When counting up the horror of this game let's start with this lovely statistic. 195 yards of total offense and six, yes I watched every one, six frikking turnovers.

Niners Suckages

1.QB – Dilfer sucks. Old crappish and lame in general. (Did you see the part where he hit his old bald head on the ground in utter admission of his lameness? I liked that one)

There is no point in even asking who sucked more this week. Total lack of execution sprinkled in with interceptions and bad play calling = Niners Loss.
It’s not even a race to ask who sucks more any longer. I want Eddy Di Bartolo back.
I like my football owners with some dirt on their hands —— let’s me know they actually like to win. —GPC

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