More Proof That Yelpers = Uneducated Morons

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(Make sure to walk your Yelper three times a day.)
We're running low on comments this week, so let's smack the beehive of retards that is for some easy comment honey. This week's sample-o-stupid comes from the "Bay Guardian vs. SF Weekly" thread, which includes numerous erroneous statements like this one from moron Maya S.

I am surprised by you yelpers. Don't you know that the Weekly is owned by ClearChannel? I've stopped reading them completely.
Yes, Maya S., we are owned by a radio station conglomerate. All that shit about New Times starting in the '70s in Arizona as a reaction to the Kent State massacre, then growing "organically" into a nationwide media company that bought the SF Weekly in the '90s, and then the faltering Village Voice Media chain in the '00s — yeah, we made it up; because we are also Jews working secretly for the Mossad, in conjunction with the Illuminati and Starbucks. All your base are belong to us, you uneducated fucks. —David Downs
(Web 2.0 makes us thankful for the electoral college. For more moronism, visit our own reader comments at Kings of Commenting)

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