Good Lord...Is That Owen Wilson? A Very Special 'S.F. Signs of the Apocalypse'

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By Joe Eskenazi

Truly, this has been the winter of discontent for Owen Wilson. The talented actor and writer's apparent suicide attempt is something we're not going to make jokes about.

On the other hand, given Wilson's very public ordeal, one can't help but undergo a triple-take at the above bus shelter antidrug ad at Geary and Webster:

First take: "Oh, another overbearing antimarijuana ad."

Second take: "Holy crap! That vagrant with the snow in his hair looks just like Owen Wilson!"

Third take: "Man, it's been a rough road for Owen Wilson. Lemme check again to make sure that's not really him."

In fact, let's take a closer look after the jump ...

Here's Owen Wilson:


And here's our Poster Boy:


Undeniably, Mr. Overbearing Anti-Marijuana Ad bears a striking resemblance to Wilson. Is this the subtle intention of the antidrug lobby? Well, it's unlikely the same folks who thought young people would be scared away from pot by insinuating stoners shoot each other with Daddy's gun would think like that. And besides, if you asked most teenagers if they'd like to be rich, famous movie stars who burn through women like bars go through coasters -- yet have a crippling, potentially deadly sickness -- I think they'd take that deal.

So, in the end, I can only wish the best to Wilson and the fella who looks so much like him. And, who knows? Maybe they'll find happiness yet.


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