Family Guy Not Guilty: Bayview Dad Acquitted of Police Battery

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Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince said that parents just don't understand.

Well, count in Bayview father of three Ronald Brown: He didn't understand why police should come to his house, beat him up, and then charge him with battery.

The 43-year-old beat the rap last week when he was acquitted of two counts of resisting arrest and battery on a police officer after officers showed up in the wee hours to take Brown's stepson into custody. According to the Public Defender's office, this was yet another case of big city cops proving they're often not flaming liberals with nothing but joy and equanimity toward racial minorities in their pure, honest hearts.

“It was clear that the police officers involved in this case were not truthful on key points of their testimony,” says Deputy Public Defender Peter Santina. “A parent has a right to know why their child is being arrested and where he is being taken. An incident like this would have never happened to a white family living in Pacific Heights or Noe Valley."

More from the Public Defender's office:

On October 18, 2006, at 1:30 a.m., Brown was awoken by a knock at his
door. When he opened the door, Brown saw his 16-year-old stepson being
pulled away by Police Officer Marvin Cabuntala. When he asked the officer
why he was arresting his stepson, Officer Cabuntala told him that his son
was being detained for questioning. Brown repeated his inquiries and
followed the officer and stepson onto the sidewalk. Brown was then
approached by several other officers, including Officer Christian Berge and
Officer Jesse Farrell, and was knocked to the ground and placed in a

During trial, the officers involved admitted knocking Brown to the
ground and applying a chokehold, but claimed their actions were justified
by Brown’s actions. On direct examination, Officer Berge testified that
Brown refused to obey another officer’s orders not to interfere with his
stepson’s arrest. At one point, Officer Farrell attempted to arrest Brown,
who, according to police, physically resisted.

Brown took the stand in his defense and denied resisting arrest or
striking any of the officers. The defense also presented evidence that
Officer Farrell had engaged a pattern of using force against civilians
during arrest and that he had been involved in at least twelve incidents
involving force against civilians between 2004 and 2006.

-- Joe Eskenazi

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