Which Assholes Are Banning the Net?

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If you ignore the hang-wringing and furrow-browed writing of Techsploitation this week (and every week), Newitz brings up an interesting topic. Where in the world are dickhead regimes banning the Internet? Access Denied has such a map, with all the dicks you'd expect to see on there. Turkey, China, etc.

From Mapping the unmappable --Visualize global censorship:

" ...[Access Denied was] created by activist Sami Ben Gharbia, who wanted to call attention to countries cracking down on and blocking user-generated content on YouTube, Flickr, Blogspot, LiveJournal, Facebook, MySpace, and Wikipedia, along with many other blogs and social networks. ... Gharbia writes in his blog, "Over the last half-year, governments in China, Tunisia, Syria, Turkey, Burma, Thailand and Morocco have all cut off access to video-sharing websites."

Cool. But then Newitz' says America shares such problems, but fails to name instances, which is retarded.

"YouTube, LiveJournal, MySpace, and many other sites for networks are being blocked by universities, the military, and corporations. ... These institutions want to prevent people from assembling and sharing their creations. After all, you never know where a network will go. A group of friends who share movies, with the right impetus, could become a subversive movement."

Sure, Newitz. We totally planned on rising up and throwing off the yolk of our capitalist oppressors, just as soon as we get done posting all these LOLcats!

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