The Best Cosco Busan Oil Spill Map on the Net

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SFWeekly took the liberty of building you the Best Goddam Cosco Busan Oil Spill Map online. This ain't no piddly infographic -- this the Exxon Valdez of Oil Spill Maps. Look upon its splendor and weep for the the Grebes!

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Map and Text By Matt Novak

Fowl Folly: Birds Cry Foul

Two weeks after the oil spill, rescuers are releasing cleaned birds back into the polluted waters.

Volunteers with San Francisco-based International Bird Rescue Research Center released 38 birds--mostly grebes--off of Half Moon Bay over the weekend.

To date, the IBRRC has collected over 2,400 birds; only about 700 have been saved.

Meanwhile, the survival window for remaining wildlife is closing fast, as more than 60% of birds now being found by rescuers are already dead.

The consortium of federal, state and non-profit agencies soaking up the oil with floating booms report collecting nearly 20,000 gallons of the stuff to date (with an additional 4,000 gallons simply "evaporated." Breathe deep, Bay Area!)

Nevertheless, Bay Area residents have hardly seen more than a couple crews out there, and over in Berkeley you could see the Marina beseiged by a football-field size slick even last week, part of the other 30+ thousand gallons of toxic sludge still floating out there.

Meanwhile, thousands of clean-up volunteers who showed up in the weeks after the spill have been turned away by Park Rangers and Coast Guard and there hasn't been any rescue for birds on Richmond's shores, leaving residents to take matters into their own hands.

While a rep from the CA Fish and Game department gave his "reasonable assurance" that no fowl would be re-fouled, the team's action plan is best expressed by a a 12 year-old girl.

"The first bird, I wished him a good life....I wished that he doesn't get re-oiled."

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