Stolen Maltese Falcon To Be Replaced Today at John's Grill -- A Caper Story Worthy of Dashiell Hammett

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John's Grill Owner Turns $25,000 Reward for the Stolen Maltese Falcon into
San Francisco's Own 150-Pound Bronze & Lead Icon

San Francisco will celebrate the return of the “Maltese Falcon” at a private, celebrity-filled luncheon scheduled for Friday, November 16, at John's Grill.

-- Oscar Medina

In a daring daylight heist on Monday, February 12, burglars made off with one
of San Francisco's most venerated icons.
John Koopman of The Chronicle reported at the time:

“It's been nearly 80 years since Sam Spade wandered the streets of San
Francisco in search of the Maltese Falcon. Now, the statue is missing again.

Police have been summoned to the scene of the broken cabinet on the second
floor of the restaurant, and Konstin has offered a $25,000 reward for return of
the statue and books.”

Despite a reward of $25,000 and a massive effort by the SFPD, the “Dingus”
was never recovered.

John's Grill owner John Konstin commissioned the San Francisco Academy of Art
University's director of sculpture, Peter Schifrin, and his students to
create a new Maltese Falcon. On Friday, the 150 -pound bronze and lead sculpture
(1/3 larger than the original) will be unveiled at a luncheon in the
100-year-old restaurant made famous by Dashiell Hammett in his 1930 novel “The Maltese
Falcon” as well as the movie of the same name that made Humphrey Bogart a star.

Hammett's granddaughter, Julie M. Rivett, and Academy of Art University
President Elisa Stephens, will present the unique San Franciscan statue at the
luncheon with the mayor, former mayors, politicians, and other well-known San

This installation is the prelude to John's Grill's 100-birthday celebration
in 2008.

WHO: Dashiell Hammett's granddaughter, Julie Rivett; San Francisco Academy of
Art President Elisa Stephens; Academy Director of Sculpture Peter Schifrin;
John's Grill owner John Konstin; Politicians; 100 well-known San Franciscans,
detectives and Maltese Falcon fans.

WHAT: The “Return of the Maltese Falcon” -- A 150-pound bronze and lead “
Maltese Falcon” sculpture

WHERE: John's Grill, 63 Ellis Street (between Stockton & Powell streets)

WHEN: The unveiling will follow the luncheon promptly at 1:30 PM Friday,
November 16

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