SF Safeway Grocer's Strikes Looms -- And We So Don't Care

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Face it, kiddies. Unions are dead. We needed them when society put you to work at age 4, but in 2007, unions just coddle incompetent bureaucrats, drive up prices, and make Chinese-made goods look a lot more profitable. That is why we are sorta non-plussed about this latest grocer's strike. From the Ex:

"The union representing employees at Northern California’s largest supermarket chain, Safeway, is threatening to strike as early as next week ... employees would still be working at checkout lines but shelves and deli counters may go bare."

Sooo, big deal. Basically our diets will shift to consist of even less factory-farmed Safewaste, and even more El Farolito, El Metate, Hamano Sushi, Eric's Chinese, and Trader Joe's red wine. No biggie, right?

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