San Francisco Crime Blog: Crime And Depravity Never Looked So Grim

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Has all the holiday spirit got you feeling just a little too warm and fuzzy inside? Never fear. Take a long gander at San Francisco Crime and I guarantee your goodwill and humanity will melt like so many of grandma's candied yams.

With all the charm of a funeral parlor, the bare-bones blog has been documenting as many crimes as it can get its grim hands on, all hand-picked from local publications -- from senseless stabbings to appalling rapes -- it's your one-stop shop for crime and depravity in our fair city. There's even a handy quick reference list of San Francisco's untimely deaths this year, categorized by murder victims (98 by their count), justifiable homicides (3) and suspicious deaths and unverified murders (4).

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-- Brian Bernbaum

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