Raiders Suck vs Niners Suck Week 11


Raiders lose to Minnesota Vikings.
The Vikings Defense basically picked us up and crapped us out. I can’t believe our running game isn’t any better than it is. We have the fattest linemen the game has ever seen and we can't push people around. Second problem

-- run defense. Did anyone see that guy in purple? Oh, that’s right, that was Chester Taylor running for 160 something yards. Perhaps we skipped film last week. Didn’t anyone notice that the Vikings are an all-running team? They run faster than homeless people when during a two-for-one on King Cobra.

Raiders Suckages
1.QB – I want Jamillions and nothing else will satisfy me.
2.Defense people!

Niners lose to St Louis Rams
How bad does Alex Smith have to be to start Trent Dilfer? I mean, we aren’t even playing the same game other teams are playing. It looks like a bunch of preschoolers trying to cut their teeth on the Hells Angels. I can't believe how bad the Niners are. This was their 8th consecutive loss. Can you imagine the front office? Here is the conversation I imagine happening, “Well, Bob, Alex looks like a little bitch out there.”
“I know, Mike, we have to start Dilfer.”
Right after that, the 6th seal of hell opened up and we traded our draft pick to the Patriots. No joke, it happened. Not only do we suck now, but we are going to keep sucking ass.

Niners Suckages
1.QB – They started frikking Dilfer nuff said
2.Offensive Line. We can even block the Rams. It’s chumpville out there boys. Brent Jones is not happy!

Overall Super Suckers:
49ers by far. I mean, come on. The Rams are the second shittiest team and we can’t even beat them. What does that make the 49ers?

(RaidersSuckNinersSuck talk shit abut our shitty local NFL teams every Monday morning, because they are shitstain on a pile of shit – if such a thing could be possible.)
--By Graham P. Clarke

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