Nuclear Holocaust Short 34 Tons of Plutonium -- Russia, U.S. Deal

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Fog, sports, Vallejo politics -- the bullshit Thanksgiving news stories have started in earnest. Despite the fluff, but then there is this gem from the WSJ via the AP:

U.S. and Russian officials announced agreement Monday on how to safely dispose of 34 metric tons of Russian weapons-grade plutonium, overcoming a major hurdle in a joint nuclear nonproliferation effort that at times has been close to falling apart. ... Russia agrees to modify its fast-neutron reactors so that they can burn the plutonium ... In turn, the U.S., which also will dispose of 34 tons of excess plutonium from its weapons program

Great, so now, what are we doing about the rest of the thousands of metric tons of unsecured weapons grade fissile material Russia has left unguarded around its farked country? (Not to mention, AG Khan's mess, and Egypt's aspirations.) In other news, Vice Magazine bought some dirty bomb material, or something. Video after the jump.


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