Hate Hurts America, If By 'Hate' You Mean Michael Savage

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It seems like a pretty obvious conceit: Hate Hurts America, but apparently it took a coalition by the same name to convince corporate giants Wal-Mart and AT&T to join other advertisers boycotting local right-wing radio nut Michael Savage's radio show "Savage Nation." In fact, Hate Hurts America -- described as "a group of religious and civic organizations seeking to challenge hate speech on talk radio" -- was formed specifically for this purpose.

Citing Mr. Savage's "history of hateful and bigoted comments against minorities," the group has convinced a growing list of companies to yank and/or refuse to place ads on "Savage Nation," including JC Penny, OfficeMax and AutoZone.

Here's a small sample of Savage's charming, hate-filled rants:

  • "What do I give a rat's behind about which dog is related? Why is this study done? All I know is we treat dogs very well here, and the great originators of the dog eat them. How come they don't put that in their story about 'em, the Asians still chew 'em up? In China they're in cages waiting to be cooked. Yeah, I know, you're not supposed to say that. All the quiet, sacred soy eaters over there." (via mediamatters.org)
  • "I think [Muslims] need to be forcibly converted to Christianity...It's the only thing that can probably turn them into human beings." (via hatehurtsamerica.org)
  • "intelligent people, wealthy people ... are very depressed by the weakness that America is showing to these psychotics in the Muslim world. They say, 'Oh, there's a billion of them.' ... I said, 'So, kill 100 million of them, then there'd be 900 million of them.'" (via mediamatters.org)
  • "Well, what does that tell you about the loving, kind lesbian who just assaulted you in your car? ... She's a -- the type that stuffed ovens in [Adolf] Hitler's concentration camps. Whenever I hear anyone preaching to me about how compassionate they are, I reach for my Glock. That's all I can tell you. They can all drop dead." (via mediamatters.org)
  • Stupid Savage by Magillicuddy on Flickr

    -- Brian Bernbaum

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