Google's Social Networking Monster: Code Name "Maka-Maka"

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From deep inside the dark heart of the Googleplex comes word of an earth-shattering secret ... wait for it: a code name! But not just any code name, this is a secret, leaked code name. "Maka-Maka" is rumored to be the name attached to Google's bid to create a social networking tool to end all social networking tools. So eat your heart out, Facebook.

Techcrunch reports that Maka-Maka (which means "friend" in Hawaiian) is an attempt to "build a social layer across all of its applications," and will eventually combine all of Google's applications into one giant web-crawling, social-networking monster: Maka-Maka! Official details, as well as the first peek, are expected sometime this week.

-- Brian Bernbaum

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