Bebe Vows to Drop Fur, But Not Fast Enough for PETA

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PETA will be so proud! San Francisco-based ladies' clothier Bebe has vowed to stop buying animal fur products beginning in January. But wait! It seems PETA is actually not proud. On the contrary, it sounds really pissed. Why? Because Bebe isn't dropping rabbit fur fast enough and will continue to "make money off butchered bunnies' backs." Hey, nice alliteration!

According to its press release, PETA is demanding that Bebe "follow the lead of competitors like Polo Ralph Lauren, J. Crew, Forever 21, and Wet Seal," and stop all fur sales immediately. If they don't comply, PETA is promising to deliver more than 280,000 angry antifur activists for a protest and boycott campaign beginning Thanksgiving week. There's nothing like a protest to get us all in the holiday mood.

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-- Brian Bernbaum

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