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Christ almightey. 7.5 million uniques a day! For a bunch of gadgets! You mean to tell me people would rather read about a LED belt buckle than another dead Darfur-ian? No way! Either this is the most depressing journalism news of the year, or we need to redefine journalism to include geeky posts about vintage pinball machines.

From the NYT:

Boing Boing has become one of the five most visited blogs on the Web, according to Comscore, with a monthly traffic of about 7.5 million page views a month.

Which outranks:
The Los Angeles Times - 5.4 million
The Wall Street Journal -- 5.1 million
and rivals the Washington Post - 9 million.

So you tell me, SF.
Which is more important: issues or stuff?
I know you will all say, "issues," but you're full of shit.
The analytics don't lie. You say you're into issues you believe you're into issues, but you spend your time and attention on STUFF. We're FARKed as a culture.
Nothing wrong with that. Just stop lying to yourselves about it.

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